Trademark Filing Services

Trademark Filing Services – Salient Features:

  • All rules/law/forms are duly considered reducing any late payment charges.
  • Quick turnaround so you do not miss the deadline.
  • Accurate docketing, timely actions.
  • End-to-End Packages Available (Fixed Cost from Filing till Decision) – Upto 70% cost savings.
  • Professional Services. YTT is always frugal with client’s resources. Ethics is #1 priority for YTT and unlike many Indian firms, we will never misguide you for our own benefits.
  • If renewed periodically, a single application can provide protection for indefinite period of time and provides you strong basis for taking decisions on international filings.

The YTT Advantage:

  • YTT is a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in filing and prosecuting trademark applications in India.
  • YTT has an extensive global network enabling easy protection worldwide.
  • YTT also is well-versed with branding strategies and business insights and with Global exposure can assist in developing global branding strategy.
  • YTT has thorough knowledge of examination process and enforcement and has supported clients in over 86 countries, so has an understating of global best practices.
  • YTT provides End-to-End Packages (Fixed Cost from Filing till Grant/Decision) – leading to up to 70% cost savings.

Package Includes: Trademark filing/registration, Trademark search (optional), Trademark watch/monitoring (optional), Trademark opposition (optional)

Why Choose YTT?

Your Trademark Team is an Initiative of Sagacious IP. Sagacious IP is a global leader in Intellectual Property (Patent, Trademark) services.

YTT serves clients in over 60+ countries and is one of the very few organizations from India who understand global trademark best practices to the core. YTT utilizes this expertise to advise clients so they get world class advise and trademark protection.

✓ 500+ Technology Experts : Covering Whole Range of Technical & Legal Subject Matters.

✓ Clients From 60+ Countries : Knowledge of Global IP Best Practices.

✓ Always on Client’s Side : Minimize Expenses – Maximize Return.

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