Trademark Registration Cost in India – A Thorough Analysis

While going for trademark registration in India, the brand owner should know the trademark registration cost in India. Also, the cost varies with selecting the mode for registration and various factors. A registered trademark is a distinctive mark which declares its ownership by a company for its products or services. Although not compulsory, registering your trademark with the Indian Patent Office has its own benefits. We will discuss those benefits and costs associated with registering a trademark in this article.

The Chief Benefits of Registering a Trademark

A trademark is not just a name or symbol. It is the very first source of identification for a company’s product and services. Along with this, it keeps perpetrators at bay who try to cast a shadow on your brand made with your toil and money expenses. All these benefits surpass the trademark registration cost in India.  Following are the major benefits of registering a trademark for your brand:

  • Exclusive Rights: it gives exclusive rights over the trademark. Registering a trademark prevents others from using the same and similar marks under the same class of products.
  • Token of Trust and Goodwill: an established brand builds the trust of the clients. The products and services get identification and hence establish a market for the brand.
  • Differentiation and Recognition of Product: a trademark serves to identify your brand in a pool of brands. Moreover, a logo communicates your vision and quality of your company and keeps your customers stick to your brand.
  • Asset Creation: a trademark is an intellectual property and an intangible asset for an organization. A registered trademark gives the right to sell, assign, franchise or commercially contract the brand.
  • Infringement Prevention: your trademark is unique to your company. In case if anyone tries to copy your trademark or uses it without your consent, then he/she is liable to punishment. Thus, a trademark helps in to establish an exclusive image in the market.
  •  Global TM Registration: you can also go for worldwide trademark registration. Prior to this, your trademark registration in India will work as a basis for international registration. The national registration of the trademark prior to global registration helps in showing goodwill of the brand in the country.
  • Human Resource Attraction: your established brand helps not only attracting customers but also brings good candidates in your organization.Thus, this reduces the cost of hiring-related activities.

Trademark Registration Cost in India – A Detailed Analysis

The cost of filing a trademark application with Indian Patent and Trademark office is quite variable. This is so because it changes with change in various factors. One of the factors is the mode of filing i.e. the physical and e-filing modes. The fee structure varies quite drastically. Here is a detail on Trademark registration Cost in India as per the First Schedule- Trademark Rules 2017.

S. No. On What Payable Cost of Physical Filing Cost of e-filing
1 Application for registration of a trademark/collective Marks/Certification Mark /Series of a trademark for the specification of goods or services of one or more than one classes.    
  Trademark registration cost in India where the applicant is an Individual/ Startup/Small Enterprise. ₹5,000 ₹4,500
  In all other cases (Note: Fee is for each class and for each mark). ₹10,000 ₹9,000
2 On a notice of opposition under section 21(1), 64, 66 or 73 or application for rectification of register under section 47-57, 68, and 77. Or application under rule 99, 103, 135 and 140. Or on application under section 25 of Geographical Indication of Goods (Regulations and Protection) Act, 1999. This is to invalidate a trademark or counter statement related thereto. (Note: Fee is for each class opposed or counterstatement filed). ₹3,000 ₹2,700
3 Trademark registration cost in India for renewal of registration of a trademark under section 25 for each class. ₹10,000 ₹9,000
a Application for renewal with a surcharge of registration of a Trademarks under section 25 (3) for each class. ₹5,000 Plus renewal fee applicable under entry 3. ₹4,500 Plus renewal fee applicable under entry 3
b Application for renewal with surcharge/ restoration and renewal of trademarks under section 25 (3), 25 (4) for each class. ₹10,000 Plus renewal fee applicable under entry 3. ₹9,000 Plus renewal fee applicable under entry 3
4 On an application under section 45 to register a subsequent proprietor in case of assignment or transfer for each trademark. ₹10,000 ₹9,000
a On application for Certificate of the Registrar under section 40(2), or for approval of the Registrar under section 41. Or Direction of the Registrar for the advertisement of Assignment without goodwill under section 42. Or add or alter a registered trademark under section 59(1) for each trademark. Or Conversion of the specification under Section 60 for each trademark. ₹3,000 ₹2,700
b On application for extension of time for applying for a direction under section 42 for the advertisement of assignment without goodwill. Or extension of time for registering a company as the subsequent proprietor of trademarks under section 46(4). Or the consent of registrar to the assignment or transmission of a certification trademark under section 43. Or Change a name and/or description of a registered proprietor or a registered user of a trademark under section 58 for each trademark. ₹2,000             ₹1,800
c On application for dissolution of association between trademarks under section 16(5), or change in address or address for service in India of registered proprietors under section 58 for each trademark. Or request for cancellation of an entry in the register or part thereof under section 58 for each trademark. ₹1,000 ₹900
5 Application under section 49 to a registered user of a registered trademark in respect of goods or services Or On application under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 50 to vary the entry of a registered user of one trademark where the trademarks are covered by the same registered user in respect of each of them Or On application under clause (b), (c) or (d) of sub-section (1) of section 50 for cancellation of entry of a registered user of one trademark Or On notice under rule 95 (2) of intention to intervene in one proceeding for the variation or cancellation of entries of a registered user of a trademark (Note: applicable fee is for each mark) ₹5,000 ₹4,500
6 Trademark registration cost in India for a request for search and issue of a certificate under rule 22(1)          ₹10,000 ₹9,000
a Trademark registration cost in India request for an expedited search and issuance of a certificate under rule 22 (3) Not Allowed ₹30,000
7 On application for: Extension of time or Certified copy, or Duplicate Registration Certificate.  Or inspection of the document, or Particulars of advertisement to the registrar. Or seeking grounds of decision of Registrar, or Enter in the register and advertise a note of certificate of validity under rule 127. Amendment in the trademark application, or Particulars of advertisement of a trademark to Registrar under rule 41. ₹1,000 ₹900
a On application for deposition of regulation of collective trademark under section 66. Or alteration of regulation of certification trademark under section 74 (2). Or seeking registrar preliminary advice, or for the division of an application. ₹2,000 ₹1,800
b On application for review of Registrar’s decision, or Petition (not otherwise charged) for obtaining registrar’s order for any interlocutory matter in a contesting proceeding or any other matters not covered in other TM forms. ₹3,000 ₹2,700
c On request for an expedited certificate of the Registrar (other than a certificate under section 23(2) of the Act). Or certified copies of the documents under proviso to rule 122. (Note: for entry in respect of each registered trademark or for each document). ₹5,000 ₹4,500
d On an application under rule 34 for the expedited process of an application for the registration of a trademark.    
e Trademark registration cost in India where the applicant is an Individual / Startup/Small Enterprise. Not Allowed ₹20,000
f In all other cases (Note: fee is for each class and for each mark). Not Allowed ₹40,000
g Request to include a trademark in the list of the well- known trademark. (Note: applicable fee is for one mark only.) Not Allowed ₹1,00,000
8 On application for registration of a person as a trademark agent under rule 147 & 149. ₹5,000 ₹4,500
a For continuance of the name of a person in the register of trademark agents under rule 150 for every five years. Payment made on or before 1st day of succeeding financial year. ₹10,000 ₹9,000
b On application for restoration of the name of a person to the register of trademarks agents under rule 153. This is within 3 years from the date of removal of registration. ₹5,000 Plus continuation fee as mentioned in entry number 20. ₹4,500 Plus continuation fee as mentioned in entry number 20.
c On application for an alteration of any entry in the Register of trademarks Agent under rule 154. ₹1,000 ₹900
9 Trademark registration cost in India for handling fee for certification and transmission of international application to International Bureau with MM2(E). Not Allowed ₹5,000

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