What is the Trademark Registration Cost?

A trademark has become an absolute necessity in today’s market. So you might wonder, “What is trademark registration cost?” It is paramount to know everything about the trademark registration process so that you can plan out your expenses accordingly. A trademark can protect your brand and its reputation so you must get one.

 There are a series of steps that require dealing with different entities. These include the Trademark Registry office, trademark consultant/agent, etc. You need to be certain about every single trademark registration cost.

Trademark Registration Cost: Know Everything

There are different fees that you need to pay. They vary from getting the initial application form to getting a renewal of your trademark. The fees are according to the Trademark Rules, 2017. Let’s find out every cost or fee that is a part of the trademark registration process.

Trademark Fee for New Applications

The very basic part of the trademark registration cost; the fees for a new application. There are 2 categories of entities; the first being individuals, start-ups and small entities, the other is regular organizations. The form for the same is TM-A

For small entities, the fee is ₹4500 for E-filing and ₹5000 for physical filing. On the other hand, a regular organization needs to pay ₹9000 for E-filing and ₹10,000 for physical filing.

Extension of Time, Certified Copy, Duplicate Registration Certificate

If you need an extension of time on responding to an office action, then you need a form TM-M. You can use this form to get a certified copy or a duplicate Registration Certificate. Another use is an inspection of the document, or Particulars of advertisement to the registrar, or seeking grounds of decision of Registrar. Further, this can be used to enter in the register and advertise a note of certificate of validity under rule 127.

The fee is ₹900 for E-filing and ₹1000 for physical filing.

Trademark Registration Cost: Expedited Process

If you wish to have an expedited registration process, then you can do so under Rule 34. You can only file an online application only under this process. The fee for the same is ₹20,000 for small entities. For other entities, the fee is ₹40,000. There is no option for physical filing.

Fee for Renewal

In case you wish to renew your existing trademark, you need to pay a fee of ₹9000 for E-filing and ₹10,000 for physical filing. The form for the same is TM-R.

Fee for Restoration and Renewal

There might be a case where your trademark lapses. In such a case, the trademark registration cost for the renewal of the trademark is ₹18,000 for E-filing and ₹20,000 for physical filing. The form for the same is TM-R only. You must file the renewal under 25(3), 25(4) for each class.

Trademark Fee for Opposition/Rectification

An entity can oppose a trademark registration under Section 21(1), 64, 66 or 73. They can also file an application for rectification of register under Section 47 to 57, 68 or 77. The form for this is TM-O

The fee is ₹2700 for E-filing and ₹3000 for physical filing.

Trademark Fee for Search Certificate

In case you need a search certificate for your trademark, then you need to pay a fee for it. The fee is ₹9000 for e-filing and ₹10,000 for physical filing. In case of expedited issue of search certificate, the fee is ₹30,000 under e-filing while physical filing isn’t an option.

You can visit the Form and Fees page to know about specific fees in further detail.

Need a Professional’s help? – Your Trademark Team

You have seen the trademark registration cost and the entire process. You can go ahead with the process on your own or you can hire legal services, which is advisable. You may face some confusion due to inexperience to carry out certain steps such as the search or drafting the application. A legal service will cost you money. But, in the long run, if it means protecting your brand identity, then the investment is worth the money.

If you need help, Your Trademark Team is at your service. We’re a team of trademark agents/attorneys who boast 10+ years of experience in the field. We will ensure to help you out along every step of the way in trademark-related services. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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