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Trademark Monitoring: Why to Consider?

Nowadays, trademark monitoring has a lot of advantages. While registering a trademark is unquestionably a big accomplishment, the effort is far from over. Following federal trademark registration, trademark monitoring of identical trademarks is a crucial next step. The advantages of trademark monitoring will be discussed in this article. Along with the advantages, we’ll go over[…]

Trademark Search in India

Trademark Search in India: How to Conduct One?

A trademark search must be conducted before submitting a trademark application to identify potential trademark applications and even registered trademarks. By entering the word mark and the class in which the investigation is being conducted, you can conduct a trademark search in India. According to the NICE classification for trademarks, a trademark application is filed[…]

What is the Trademark Registration Cost

What is the Trademark Registration Cost?

A trademark has become an absolute necessity in today’s market. So you might wonder, “What is trademark registration cost?” It is paramount to know everything about the trademark registration process so that you can plan out your expenses accordingly. A trademark can protect your brand and its reputation so you must get one.  There are[…]